Kelling Brae (2012)
Edited, Written & Directed - 3' 55"


I had an itch to scratch and that was to write and direct my own feature. It was my good fortune to strike a up a friendship with superlative actress Jackie Sawiris who has worked for Denis Villeneuve and Stanley Kubrick (and now me!) She starred in my low to no budget debut.


Shake the Tree Productions

The story

From the short synopsis… After the death of her husband, Sam, in a car accident in America, Ellen Marchant returns to his home village in the UK to comfort her sister-in-law, Amy. But Ellen is not welcome and finds Amy's way of dealing with her brother's death both unnerving and detached. Finding evidence of Amy's discomfort, Ellen prepares to leave but Amy has a suggestion. Despite the tension between them, they embark on a local hike in memory of Sam. Along the way, Amy leads Ellen towards a truth about her husband, a terrible revelation at a place known as Kelling Brae.

The clip shows Amy literally cutting Ellen out of her life, cataloguing cassette taped letters sent by her deceased brother, Sam. The post-production took an age (there was only me with a few nasty technical issues to overcome and I’d missed the High-Definition boat through sheer bad timing) but eventually I finished it and to my great surprise and delight, it nabbed a gong for ‘Best No Budget Feature’ at the 2012 London Independent Film Festival.


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