Leopard Legacy (2020)
Edited & co-scripted 3' 04"


Again, Will and Lianne’s resilience and tenacity pays huge dividends here. They were able to get extraordinary shots due to the fact that they had allowed Olimba to acclimatise to their presence and add to that Lianne’s extraordinary eye for the right shot and the right framing. It helps that both filmmakers are extremely knowledgeable about what’s required in the cutting room.


Kurt Mayer Productions for ORF and Smithsonian

The story

This is the story of the famous leopard Olimba from Zambia’s Luangwa River. The terrain at this location meant that predators like Olimba could stalk unseen in the gullies beneath where the prey graze. The sheer beauty of this animal’s technique is breathtaking.


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