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A Book Review of ‘The Photograph That Changed My Life’ by Zelda Cheatle

When you don't have resources, you have to be creative. In my teenage years I took black and white photographs and developed the negatives myself. But I had no spare cash for a black changing bag so I improvised by blacking out ...

Modern iterations of a once beloved franchise have not been well received but many fans of the original Star Trek series and The Next Generation are more frustrated than entertained. I try to explain why modern Trek and I have parted ways after one of the longest relationships I've ever had with anything...

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Mentors are hugely important in life. Gavin gave my career a kick start and for that I will always be grateful... My memories of his role in my life are here:

A Tribute to Gavin Millar.

The BFI did a very detailed obituary here:

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A Pivotal Moment

A Brief Update March 2022

Someone close to me sent me an email last night admitting that they were wrong to have trusted Johnson and that Brexit was a genuine catastrophe for this country. She said that she knew nothing about politics only knowing right from wrong. I reminded her that therefore she knew everything about politics. Wasn’t that currently debased art based on the foundations ...

Altered State

Following the sad news of the death of William Hurt, Camus looks back at the film career of this remarkable actor, with particular focus on performances that had particular impact on the Outsider crew.

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